Friday, 11 October 2013

Kick the Can - Literally!

What could you do with matchboxes, garbage cans, brooms, a basketball and a Zippo Lighter? Well, if you're one of the 14 members of the UK-born musical group STOMP, you'd be able to do a whole heck of a lot.

Before I'm Pushing Daisies, I'd like to see STOMP! perform live and maybe, if I'm lucky, learn some of their moves too!
Brooms...a key instrument for the STOMP crew

I was watching a re-run of this kids reality show the other day - "In Real Life" - and these kids got to learn and perform a STOMP performance routine, with the real STOMP artists. The whole time all I could think was about how I wished it was me, learning those routines and being up on that stage.

Using garbage cans as stilts, brooms as drumsticks and basketballs as drum sets, this dance troupe creates music and dance routines by banging on, and dancing around everyday objects.

Stomp was created by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas in Brighton, U.K. in 1991, and since their inception 22 years ago, the group has expanded to include troupes in Manhattan NYC, Japan, Chile, Canada and Brazil, not to mention choreographing routines for high-profile events and shows such as on Sesame Street and at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

In 2006, Stomp’s New York production passed its 5000th performance mark. In the same year, Cresswell and McNicholas directed a public service announcement for television called "Stomp Out Litter", which featured the cast "sweeping up" at iconic locations in the five boroughs. They also began filming an IMAX 3D movie featuring the dance group.

The reason I really want to see this group specifically, is due largely to the fact that they don't need fancy instruments, expensive studios or even a voice to create amazing beats, music and entertainment. It really brings music back to its roots: a beat and people moving to it.

Until I actually get to see this group for real, I'll stick to watching their videos posted on youtube - I'll link some here for you to see too!

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  1. Wow they're pretty amazing, the best I can do is bang on pots and pans... And I'm pretty sure we all know what that sounds like :P. Would this be your favourite 'dance troupe?' Also, are you into any shows like Glee, since these guys seem to do similar stuff just without all the acapella ([retty much).

  2. All i can really do is bang on pots and pans...between you an me I've got absolutely no sense of rhythm whatsoever..I just want to walk on garbage can stilts :P I'd say either STOMP or Blue Man Group woul dbe my favorite groups, tied I'd say. And yes....I'm a closet Gleek, it's just so catchy I can't help myself! I really only cared for the first few seasons, although I watched the tribute to Finn episode the other week just for old time's sake.

  3. This troupe seems really cool, and I've never been into this type of music before. Do you have a favorite routine by them? Also, I never got to watch the video :( but I will later when I'm not at school!

  4. This brought back memories of watching the 'Stomp Out Loud' movie in like grade 4 music class. I thought it was so cool, especially the opening scene of the group suspended on that billboard thing with the NYC skyline in the background. Did you watch that movie in school too?