Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Be on the Amazing Race Canada

I don't know how many Amazing Race fans there are out there, but wherever they are, count me among them! I've been watching the reality show back since season 8 of the American version and was delighted this year to finally see one that was open to Canadians!

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Although not exactly a trip around the world, the Canadian version, a race across our country, was enthralling, educational and entertaining. It has always been a dream of mine to be on the Amazing Race, and now that there's a Canadian version that's exactly what I intend to do Before I'm Pushing Up Daisies.

Winners of Amazing Race Canada Inaugural Season: Tim & Tim Sr.
For those of you who don't watch the show, basically it is a reality competition show where teams of two race across Canada completing challenges as they tour across the country. At the end of each "leg" of the trip, the last team to arrive is eliminated until there is only 2 teams left competing in the finale for the grand prize of cash, cars and glory.
A few vocab tips:

Leg - One of 11 mini-trips during the entirety of the show. Each leg consists of a few different challenges such as: roadblocks, speed bumps, Detours and U-turns. Each leg ends with a pit stop where teams are given a chance to rest. The last team to a pit stop is the team that is eliminated.

Roadblock: A task only one team member can complete. Teams must choose which member will complete the task based on a brief clue about the task before fully revealing the details of the task.

Speed bump: A task that only the team saved from elimination on the previous leg must complete before continuing on the race

Detours: A choice of two tasks. Teams are free to choose either task or swap tasks if they find one option too difficult. There is generally one Detour present on each leg of the race.

U-Turn:  A station, located after a Detour, where a team can force another trailing team to return and complete the other option of the Detour they did not select. Teams may only U-Turn any other team once per race.

word-map-canadaThe reason I want to be on the Amazing Race Canada, is because I love to travel and I'm super competitive. I've competed at various "Amazing Race" mini-versions in both Toronto and Montreal (not to brag, but my team won both times), and I've been absolutely hooked ever since.

I've been to a lot of the eastern provinces and a lot of the western provinces in Canada, but I haven't seen all that many of them in between and I've never been more north than British Columbia. I'd absolutely love the opportunity for an all-expenses paid trip around our country. The cash, cars and bragging rights are definitely huge motivators too.

All that being said however...I'm still looking for a teammate...that might be the biggest challenge of them all!


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  1. Ahh, I love the amazing race! I didn't even know that they came out with a Canadian version though! Here's my chance :P Do you think that sometimes they put a somewhat unfair advantage on a team though? I started to notice that a bit more recently (in the American versions)