Saturday, 2 November 2013

Go on Safari

Yes I know, a safari is likely on most peoples' bucket lists, but it is something that holds magic for a lot of people. Seeing nature up close, things that are alien to us here in North America: Giraffes, Cheetahs, Lions and Zebras.

So, in sticking with the 99% for this post, Before I'm Pushing Up Daisies, I'd like to go on an African Safari.

There is so much variety in what can be called an "African Safari" so I'm going to outline exactly what my ideal safari would include.

Map of Areas of Africa I'd like to Visit
First of all, I'd want to go in late October to Early November and spend about two to three weeks there, encompassing travels between Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The reason for the dates is that is when the temperatures are most "normal" and is not in the rainy nor the dry season, facilitating both travel and maximum opportunity for wildlife interaction. As well in early November in Africa, there is a greater chance of being there during a solar eclipse, which would be incredible to see while on safari.

A few different parks and areas I'd like to visit are:

1) Lake Manyara Park. Lake Manyara is a shallow water freshwater lake and said to be the ‘loveliest lake in Africa’.  Lake Manyara is teeming with wildlife, and there are also night tours run by many companies in the area.

2) Serengeti National Park. One of the largest game reserves in all of Africa, and home to the "Big 5" of the African Continent: the Lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros, as well as cheetahs, primates and large herds of zebras and gazelles.

3)Tarangire Park, which is home to large, magnificent herds of elephants in Tanzania.

4) Oldupai Gorge. This is the famous site where the Leakeys discovered millions of years old hominid remains.

5) Parc des Volcans. The park consists of 125 square km of mountain forest and home to six Virunga Volcanoes and the world famous mountain gorillas. The forested slopes of the mountains allow the opportunity to encounter endangered mountain gorillas, up to 3 times the size of the average human.

6) Mount Kilimanjaro. I'd not likely be able to climb this incredible mountain, but I'd like to experience the sheer size and breadth of it up close and personal.

There is so much more than just encountering animals and taking pictures on a safari, there is history, culture and a whole continent of people completely foreign to what we see in North America. When in Africa, if given the chance, I'd really appreciate the opportunity to connect with some of the native tribes of the continent such as the Hadzabe Tribe and the Datooga Tribe, two very fascinating tribes who have stuck to their primitive lifestyles and beliefs.

There is so much to do and see in Africa that I'm not sure I'll get the chance to do everything I want to while I'm there, however I am certain that it will be a remarkable and eye-opening experience the likes of which I have never experienced before and will likely never experience again.


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  1. One of my family friends went to Africa this year, and she said that it was a great way to 'reconnect with nature'. I've also heard that they have some pretty amazing sights in Africa, but I don't think I'd ever be willing to go there. I'd rather go somewhere such as Italy or England! Which sight (of the 6 listed) are you most excited to see?

  2. Wow this is so amazing, I would also like to do something like this! Aren't you scared of lions? IF one were to stalk you, do you know what to do (I seen this on T.V once, Yikes!). Also, do you plan on hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro? I seen something like that in travel and tourism where you can take a guided tour up Mount Kilimanjaro